Addressing the Health of the Public in Rural Places
May 15-17, 2019 – Auburn and Rumford, Maine

Final Agenda (562.92 KB pdf)


Powerpoint Presentations

Pre-conference – Wednesday PM, May 15

Rural Health Professions Education Research Design and Dissemination Studio

Welcome Dinner, Wednesday PM, May 15

Meeting Marquis

Plenary #1: Living and Working in a Connected Community

Thursday, May 16

Plenary#2: Caring for Our Communities – The Role of Family Physicians and Educators in Rural Population Health

Thursday AM Workshops, May 16

Cultivating Your Faculty Cohort: Using Distance Learning and Flipped Classrooms to Grow Faculty Among Practicing Rural Physicians

VA Initiatives for Underserved Rural Veterans and Native American Veterans: Funding and Support

Where Will Your Next Resident Come From? Rural Targeted Admissions Strategies at US Medical Schools

Scribing During the Gap Year: A Model for Priming the Pump to Meet Demand for Rural Family Physicians

National Institute for Program Director Development (NIPDD) Fellowship Projects

Consortium Development: Shifting from Provider-Centric to Patient-Centric Research

“Small Data”: How to Generate Useful Data From Your Practice

Expanding Access to Treatment for Opioid Use Disorder with a Family Medicine Residency 

Thursday PM, May 16

Plenary#3: Rural Maternity Workforce Challenges: Where is Family Medicine?

  • Sara Shields, Faculty, UMass Worcester Family Medicine (Massachusetts) –  Moderator
  • Keri Bergeson, Site Director, University of Washington Chelan Rural Training Program(Washington)
  • Randall Longenecker, Assistant Dean Rural and Underserved Programs (Ohio)
  • Kaily McLellan, 3rdyear resident, Swift River Rural Training Track (Maine)
  • Shelley Waits, OB Fellowship Director, Cahaba Family Medicine Residency (Alabama)
  • Maternity Care Panel (1.30 MB pdf)

Thursday PM Workshops, May 16

Last Team Standing: Using a Variety of Providers to Expand a Rural/Frontier Obstetric Practice

  • Joel Wells, Family Physician and Director, Wayne Co. OB RESST; David Kermode, General Surgeon, Wayne Co. OB RESST; Emmy Davis, Certified Nurse Midwife, Wayne County Hospital (Iowa)
  • Last Team Standing (9.55 MB pdf)

How Can We Support Rural-centric Residency Programs as Unified ACGME Accreditation Approaches in 2020?

Routes to Rural Readiness: How Can We Best Prepare Nurse Practitioners for Rural Primary Care Practice?

Reducing Medication Related Adverse Events in Rural Communities

Integrated care of opioid dependent pregnant women and their infants within a family medicine residency

Practice Makes Perfect: Implementing Simulation into a Rural Residency Curriculum

Integration of Urban Core Residency and Rural Program using a Rural Area of Concentration

New Program Exploration

Friday AM Conference on the Move, May 17

Trip to Rumford, Maine, an IRTT-like pathway of Central Maine Medical Center
  • Dieter Kreckel, Founding Site Director
  • No slides available – See RTT Collaborative Newsletter, June 2019