Addressing the Health of the Public in Rural Places
May 15-17, 2019 – Auburn and Rumford, Maine

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Powerpoint Presentations

Pre-conference – Wednesday PM, May 15

Rural Health Professions Education Research Design and Dissemination Studio

  • DDS Introduction 5-15-2019
  • “Exploring the impact of Rural Mini-Longitudinal Integrated Clerkships on Medical Students,” Ryan Paulus, Tim Cutler, Sharon Casapulla (Ohio)
  • Presentation Slides (pdf)
  • “The Value of Rural Residency Training for Family Physicians,” Davis Patterson (Washington)
  • Presentation Slides (pdf)

Welcome Dinner, Wednesday PM, May 15

Meeting Marquis

Plenary #1: Living and Working in a Connected Community

Thursday, May 16

Plenary#2: Caring for Our Communities – The Role of Family Physicians and Educators in Rural Population Health

  • Joyce Hollander-Rodriquez, Family Physician and Program Director, Cascades East Family Medicine Residency Program (Oregon)
  • Presentation Slides (pdf)

Thursday AM Workshops, May 16

Cultivating Your Faculty Cohort: Using Distance Learning and Flipped Classrooms to Grow Faculty Among Practicing Rural Physicians

  • Mary Wagner and David DeGear, Faculty and Associate Program Director, respectively, HealthPartners Western Wisconsin Rural Family Medicine Residency Program  (Minnesota; Wisconsin)
  • Presentation Slides (pdf)
  • Wagner Handout (pdf)

VA Initiatives for Underserved Rural Veterans and Native American Veterans: Funding and Support

Where Will Your Next Resident Come From? Rural Targeted Admissions Strategies at US Medical Schools

  • Dave Evans, Program Director, University of Washington Chelan Rural Training Program, and Davis Patterson, Director, Collaborative for Rural Primary care Research, Education and Practice (Washington)
  • Presentation Slides (pdf)

Scribing During the Gap Year: A Model for Priming the Pump to Meet Demand for Rural Family Physicians

National Institute for Program Director Development (NIPDD) Fellowship Projects

Consortium Development: Shifting from Provider-Centric to Patient-Centric Research

  • Melissa Frazier, Public Health and Regional Workforce Analysis Researcher, University of Pikeville College of Osteopathic Medicine (Kentucky)
  • Presentation slides (pdf)

“Small Data”: How to Generate Useful Data From Your Practice

  • Daniel Meyer, Meyer Institute—Research/Evaluation/Development and retired as faculty at Maine-Dartmouth Family Medicine Residency Program (Maine)
  • Presentations slides (pdf)

Expanding Access to Treatment for Opioid Use Disorder with a Family Medicine Residency 

  • Nathaniel Bowling and Alane O’Connor, Faculty, Maine Dartmouth Family Medicine Residency (Maine)
  • Presentation Slides (pdf)

Thursday PM, May 16

Plenary#3: Rural Maternity Workforce Challenges: Where is Family Medicine?

  • Sara Shields, Faculty, UMass Worcester Family Medicine (Massachusetts) –  Moderator
  • Keri Bergeson, Site Director, University of Washington Chelan Rural Training Program(Washington)
  • Randall Longenecker, Assistant Dean Rural and Underserved Programs (Ohio)
  • Kaily McLellan, 3rdyear resident, Swift River Rural Training Track (Maine)
  • Shelley Waits, OB Fellowship Director, Cahaba Family Medicine Residency (Alabama)
  • Presentation Slides (pdf)

Thursday PM Workshops, May 16

Last Team Standing: Using a Variety of Providers to Expand a Rural/Frontier Obstetric Practice

  • Joel Wells, Family Physician and Director, Wayne Co. OB RESST; David Kermode, General Surgeon, Wayne Co. OB RESST; Emmy Davis, Certified Nurse Midwife, Wayne County Hospital (Iowa)
  • Presentation Slides (pdf)

How Can We Support Rural-centric Residency Programs as Unified ACGME Accreditation Approaches in 2020?

  • Davis Patterson, Research Assistant Professor, Department of Family Medicine, University of Washington (Washington)
  • Presentation Slides (pdf)

Routes to Rural Readiness: How Can We Best Prepare Nurse Practitioners for Rural Primary Care Practice?

Reducing Medication Related Adverse Events in Rural Communities

  • Amy Yanicak, Assistant Professor of Pharmacy Practice/ Clinical Family Medicine Pharmacist, Albany College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences and Richmond Family Medicine (Vermont)
  • Presentation Slides (pdf)

Integrated care of opioid dependent pregnant women and their infants within a family medicine residency

Practice Makes Perfect: Implementing Simulation into a Rural Residency Curriculum

  • Joshua Schulist, Faculty, and Lori Rodefeld, Medical Education Coach, Monroe Clinic Rural Family Medicine Residency Program (Wisconsin)
  • Presentation Slides (pdf)

Integration of Urban Core Residency and Rural Program using a Rural Area of Concentration

  • Rob Epstein, Program Director, and second year residents, Kelsey Sholund and Jonathan Motts, Swedish Cherry Hill Port Angeles Rural Training Program (Washington)
  • Presentation Slides (pdf)

New Program Exploration

Friday AM Conference on the Move, May 17

Trip to Rumford, Maine, an IRTT-like pathway of Central Maine Medical Center
  • Dieter Kreckel, Founding Site Director
  • No slides available – See RTT Collaborative Newsletter, June 2019