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Both individual and organizational sponsors are welcome

The RTT Collaborative is a charitable 501(c)(3) organizations and contributions are tax deductible.

Explanation of funds:

General Fund

The role of sponsors is to financially support The RTT Collaborative in its mission through program expansion, increased member benefits, and additional or lower cost services.

Individual sponsors – individual contributors (Charitable contribution of any amount) will receive a regular newsletter and announcements of meetings

Graded level sponsors – individual, corporate and foundation sponsors and social investors (With cumulative levels of sponsorship)

  • $10,000 Bronze level
  • $25,000 Silver level
  • $100,000 Gold level
  • $250,000 Platinum level

Sponsoring entities that are not program participants are listed as “Affiliated Organizations” and are entitled to reduced annual conference (RTT Collaborative Annual Meeting) fees for four individual program faculty, administrators, or staff, and discounted service fees. Sponsorship status is in recognition of cumulative contributions, including participation fees. Once an entity achieves Platinum level sponsorship status, that organization is considered a lifetime sponsor for the life of the affiliated organization or the life of The RTT Collaborative.

Current Sponsors

Ohio University HCOM
Central Maine Medical Center Family Medicine Residency – Swift River Rural Training Track
Colorado Family Medicine Residencies
Ohio University RUSP
Cahaba Medical Care
Spokane Teaching Health Center
Family Medicine Residency of Idaho
Oregon Health & Science University-Cascades East Family Medicine Residency
Family Medicine Residency of Western Montana
Providence Oregon Family Medicine Hood River Rural Training Program
Hidalgo Medical Services Family Medicine Residency Program
Wayne County Hospital RESST Program
UND Bismarck/Center for Family Medicine-Hettinger RTT & UND Minot/Williston Medical Center-Rural Residency
Wisconsin Rural Physician Residency Assistance Program
University of Arizona College of Medicine – Tucson Family Medicine Residency

Rural Faculty Development Fund

The RTT Collaborative (RTTC) is committed to sustaining health professions education of all types in rural places, with an initial focus on physician education. This restricted fund within The RTT Collaborative will be used to prepare Family Medicine faculty who live, clinically work, and teach in a rural place (using any federally accepted definition of “rural”) to become even better educators and, preferably, program directors of residency programs located in rural communities.

A personal donation from Dr. Longenecker established the fund, and contributions are encouraged to grow the fund to at least $100,000. A principal of $100,000, through annual 5% appreciation, would potentially support a single scholarship a year in perpetuity, or two scholarships a year for ~15-20 years. The fund balance as of December, 2021 is just under $65,000.

For more information on this fund, click here.

Any individual or organization interested in additional information should contact the Executive Director.

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