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  • January 2023 Newsletter
    (New Format, Annual Meeting Registration, Photo Contest, Scholarly Intensive Registration + Schedule, Board Positions Available, Annual Report Now Available)
  • March 2023 Newsletter 
    (Annual Meeting Registration + Schedule, Photo Contest Deadline, Participating Program Highlight)
  • May 2023 Newsletter                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                (Annual Meeting, Participating Program Benefits, Make a Submission to the “Rural Health Professions Education” Collection)
  • Fall 2023 Newsletter                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 (Participating Programs, Rural Residency Fair & Fest, Rural PDU, Rural Recognition Program, Annual Meeting, The PATHWay Study, DEI Corner)
  • December 2023 Newsletter : (Link to NPR Story, Annual Meeting – There is still time to submit a Poster!, DEI Corner)


  • Annual Report 2021 - 2022 (884.21 KB pdf)
    (Executive Director’s Message on a year of change and new leadership team, expenses + income report)
  • September 2022 Newsletter (2.95 MB pdf)
    (Save the Date for the Annual Meeting, Rural Residency Fest + Fair highlights, AAFP National Conference summary, Board Positions Available, Developing Program highlight, Call for New Board Members)
  • June Newsletter 2022 (2.67 MB pdf)
    (Peer visit spotlight, Participating Program highlights, Time to Renew, Rural Residency Fest Announcement, the first separately accredited rural track program in rural surgery, Rural PDU, Annual Meeting highlights, and more!)
  • March 2022 Newsletter.pdf (2.68 MB pdf)
    (Rural PDU, Informing Policy and Incremental Design, Meet the New Team, Save the Date for the Annual Meeting, Photo Contest winners)


  • December 2021 Newsletter.pdf (2.48 MB pdf)
    (Participating Program highlights, Photo Contest Announcement, CLC Call for Applications upcoming)
  • September 2021 Newsletter.pdf (3.36 MB pdf)
    (Developing Program, Rural Residency Fest recap, AAFP National Conference summary, Rural Residency Fair highlights, Photo Contest Announcement, NIPDD Grantees Quotes)
  • July 2021 Students Newsletter (1.45 MB pdf)
    (Microresearch, Rural Residency Fest, AAFP National Conference, Rural Residency Fair, Rural Resources, Board Positions Available)
  • June 2021 Newsletter (1.53 MB pdf)
    (Participating Program highlights, Annual Meeting highlight and Save the Date for Upcoming Events,  What is a Rural Program?, Participating Program Renewal Update)
  • March 2021 Newsletter (5.74 MB pdf)
    (Participating Program highlights, Annual Meeting updates, Now offering technical assistance, Board Member and Board representative highlights, RTT Photo Contest Winners)


  • December-2020-Newsletter.pdf (1.76 MB pdf)
    (Annual Meeting Info, Rural Residency Consultant Learning Community, Participating Program, National RTT Coordinators highlight, Rookie Rural Doc Link highlight)
  • September-2020-Newsletter.pdf (2.78 MB pdf)
    (Rural Residency Fest, AAFP National Conference, and Ohio Rural Residency Fest Summary’s, Meet our new Associate Director, Board Positions Available, Featured Programs)
  • RTTC-Student-Edition-2020.pdf (1.70 MB pdf)
    (2020 AAFP National Conference, 2020 Rural Residency Fest, Board Positions Available, Rural Rotations Resources)
  • June-2020-Newsletter.pdf (2.89 MB pdf)
    (Annual Meeting Highlights, Participating Program Renewal Update, Featured Programs)
  • March 2020 Newsletter (1.94 MB pdf)
    (GME Initiative, Participating Program Spotlight, Student and Resident Board Member Spotlight)



  • December 2018
    (Annual Meeting, Rural Residency Grant, Photo Contest)
  • September 2018
    (National Conference, NIPDD, Next Year’s Annual Meeting)
  • June 2018
    (Rural graduation rates, Annual Meeting Highlights, Microresearch)
  • March 2018
    (Place-based education, Annual Meeting, New Board members)