Click the links to download PDF versions of our past newsletters!


  • December 2021 Newsletter.pdf (2 MB pdf)
    (Participating Program highlights, Photo Contest Announcement, CLC Call for Applications upcoming)
  • September 2021 Newsletter.pdf (3 MB pdf)
    (Developing Program, Rural Residency Fest recap, AAFP National Conference summary, Rural Residency Fair highlights, Photo Contest Announcement, NIPDD Grantees Quotes)
  • July 2021 Students Newsletter (1 MB pdf)
    (Microresearch, Rural Residency Fest, AAFP National Conference, Rural Residency Fair, Rural Resources, Board Positions Available)
  • June 2021 Newsletter (2 MB pdf)
    (Participating Program highlights, Annual Meeting highlight and Save the Date for Upcoming Events,  What is a Rural Program?, Participating Program Renewal Update)
  • March 2021 Newsletter (6 MB pdf)
    (Participating Program highlights, Annual Meeting updates, Now offering technical assistance, Board Member and Board representative highlights, RTT Photo Contest Winners)


  • December-2020-Newsletter.pdf (2 MB pdf)
    (Annual Meeting Info, Rural Residency Consultant Learning Community, Participating Program, National RTT Coordinators highlight, Rookie Rural Doc Link highlight)
  • September-2020-Newsletter.pdf (3 MB pdf)
    (Rural Residency Fest, AAFP National Conference, and Ohio Rural Residency Fest Summary’s, Meet our new Associate Director, Board Positions Available, Featured Programs)
  • RTTC-Student-Edition-2020.pdf (2 MB pdf)
    (2020 AAFP National Conference, 2020 Rural Residency Fest, Board Positions Available, Rural Rotations Resources)
  • June-2020-Newsletter.pdf (3 MB pdf)
    (Annual Meeting Highlights, Participating Program Renewal Update, Featured Programs)
  • March 2020 Newsletter (2 MB pdf)
    (GME Initiative, Participating Program Spotlight, Student and Resident Board Member Spotlight)



  • December 2018
    (Annual Meeting, Rural Residency Grant, Photo Contest)
  • September 2018
    (National Conference, NIPDD, Next Year’s Annual Meeting)
  • June 2018
    (Rural graduation rates, Annual Meeting Highlights, Microresearch)
  • March 2018
    (Place-based education, Annual Meeting, New Board members)