Celebrating Complexity in the Emerging Diversity of Rural Medical Education

The RTT Collaborative Annual Meeting 2018
April 11-13, 2018 – Spokane and Colville, Washington

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The RTT Collaborative holds an annual meeting in a location generally hosted each year by one of the Collaborative’s participants. This year’s meeting was in Spokane and Colville, Washington, home to the Spokane Teaching Health Center and the nation’s first “1-2 RTT,” respectively

Since the first RTT in Colville, Washington, was granted accreditation as an experimental program more than 30 years ago, rural medical education programs in the United States have never stopped innovating! From one novel solution have come many. From a simple rule, the “1-2 format,” creative educators and program directors have elaborated a wonderful diversity of programs, each uniquely adapted to address the needs of their communities, meet the standards of accreditation and negotiate the complexities of medical education finance in a glorious variety of ways. Our community of practice in rural medical education now includes rural tracks in medical school and in residency, rurally-located programs and rural-centric urban programs, programs in specialties other than family medicine, even other health professions, all of them essential to rural communities.

Final Agenda 2018

Next year’s meeting will be held May 15-17, 2019, in Lewiston and Rumford, Maine.

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