Save the Date – Call for Presentations Open (see below)

The 2020 RTT Collaborative Annual Meeting

The Continuum of Rural Health Professions Education: 

Across time, place, and discipline

Skamania Lodge,  1131 SW Skamania Lodge Way, Stevenson, WA  98648, April 15-17, 2020


This year’s Annual Meeting promises to be an exciting event! Hosted by three participating rural residency programs in Oregon – a new expanded precedent in hosting for The RTT Collaborative  – the Collaborative is enjoying its seventh year of existence as a nationwide cooperative of rural programs. The meeting also welcomes the Rural Medical Educators (a special interest group within the National Rural Health Association) and the Rural Residency Planning and Development grantees and technical assistance center staff for 2019-2021 (RRPD).

Join other rural medical educators from rural training programs around the nation, and leave with the ability to:

  1. Describe a continuum of rural health professions education and training across time, place, and discipline
  2. Implement at least one strategy or tool in bridging the gaps in transitions of professional development, across training sites in urban and rural locations, and among multiple disciplines and professions
  3. Share at least two novel ideas for program development, finance, governance, and curriculum design
  4. Adapt at least one innovation implemented by others to their own program
  5. Become part of a growing network of individuals and organizations engaged in the education and training of health professionals, both undergraduate and graduate programs, from around the nation

Call for presentations

Propose a workshop (55 min) or lecture-discussion (25 min); Submission Deadline: Sunday midnight, November 24, 2019

We are particularly interested in presentations that highlight solutions to bridging the gaps 1) at transitions in professional development, 2) across training sites in urban and rural locations, and 3) between multiple disciplines and professions.

Potential ideas:

  • Competencies for rural health: How do we cultivate these in our learners?
  • Indigenous health education and rural health education: intersections and synergies
  • Interprofessional rural health training: advanced practice nursing, PA, other professions
  • Diversity in rural residencies: how do we improve the health of our communities through serving diverse populations, accommodating diverse learners, recruiting diverse residents, faculty, and staff, and creating a culture of inclusiveness
  • Trans-care in rural communities
  • Reproductive health justice in rural communities
  • Access to competent maternity care, engaging a variety of learners and faculty clinicians in multiple specialties
  • Community-engagement: Structuring learning experiences for medical students and residents that cross barriers of geography and ethnicity over time
  • Medical education and economic development in rural communities: crossing economic sectors
  • New program development in health professions education and training across UME and GME, particularly in a community-engaged manner
  • Tackling the challenging role of residency coordinator or program administrator in a rural program, and in particular, integrating programs and curricula for a variety of learners

General Instructions:

  1. There are two presentation formats – a 25-minute lecture-discussion or 55-minute workshop (Click here for RTTC Proposal-Form-2020). The program committee reserves the prerogative to allocate more, or less, time as appropriate. Lead presenters are limited to a total of two (2) submissions, but generally no more than one (1) breakout presentation will be accepted, in order to provide additional presentation opportunities for other attendees.
  2. Please complete all shaded fields (except unneeded Secondary Presenters); use NA if any field does not apply
  3. Email the completed proposal form to: Randall Longenecker and copy Dawn Mollica
  4. Acknowledgment of receipt of submissions will be e-mailed within 2 business days of your submission; notification of acceptance will be sent electronically by December 16, 2019.
  5. ALL PRESENTERS MUST PAY THE REGISTRATION FEE. In addition, no honoraria or travel expense reimbursement will be provided by the Collaborative to any presenter submitting through the call for presentations. However, the first 25 Annual Meeting attendees who register for and attend the pre-conference rural primary care health professions education Design and Dissemination Studio, on Wednesday, May 15, from 2:00 to 5 PM, will be eligible for a $500 travel and meeting allowance from Rural PREP.
  6. Presenters may not use any conference presentation to market products or services.
  7. Every presenter, lead and secondary, will be required to declare any potential financial conflict of interest, i.e. any association or role that could, as a direct result of this presentation, cause a financial benefit to the presenter or their family.

Questions? Contact Dawn Mollica at or 740-593-2253

A final agenda will be published and registration opened in early January 2020.  For downloads from previous meetings click the button below.

Past Meetings