The last 30 years have seen the growth of a community of practice in rural health professions education that crosses specialty and other professional boundaries to share best practices, provide mutual encouragement and conduct collaborative research.

To see a list of the seminal articles in rural health professions education and training please click here.

Join the community of rural educators in the health professions in one of the following ways:

Organic place-based education

The RTT Collaborative promotes an organic place-based approach to curriculum development based upon the assets of a rural community, rooted in the fertile soil of clinical practice and embedded in rural community life. For a commentary summarizing this approach, An Organic Approach to Health Professions Education and Health Equity: Learning In and With Underserved Communities, published November 2020, click here.

Download PDF of a PPT presentation: Curriculum Design for Rural Programs

Other curricular resources

  • Domains of competence for rural practice – Published in Family Medicine in 2017, this article frames the domains of competence particularly important to rural practice
  • Rural PREP Resources for professional development, teaching rounds, and research and scholarly activity related to rural health professions education

Program Director and Coordinator Toolbox