Accredited Rural Physician Residency Programs

To include or exclude program types, simply use the filter to the right of the map to turn them on or off. Programs in specialties other than family medicine that are located in the same place are listed together, and zooming in on the map will make it easier to differentiate programs that are located near one another.
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Note: This map includes all programs in Family Medicine, Internal Medicine, Psychiatry, and Surgery that are accredited and actively recruiting resident physicians for the coming year. A Rurally Located Program trains residents in a rural location for the large majority of their residency (2 months or less urban training), by any two federal definitions. Family Medicine programs are identified with the location of the Family Medicine Practice (FMP); other specialties are categorized by the site of the primary participating hospital. A Rural Track Program (RTP by ACGME terminology; previously called an ‘integrated RTT’) residency according to The RTT Collaborative is a separately accredited program bridging urban and rural locations with >50% training in a rural place; an Urban Program with a Rural Track mimics a Rural Track Program, but is not separately accredited (also called ‘IRTT-like’ in the past, or ‘RTP – track within existing program’ by the ACGME). For a current typology for rural programs, visit our typology page.

To determine if any street address or zip code is rural by federal definitions, visit Am I Rural? The Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) only uses a CBSA definition and some rural programs by our definition may not qualify for ‘rural’ treatment in funding. In addition, CMS treats some urban hospitals as rural, when they are not geographically rural and they do not meet our definition.

We are always looking for missing or misidentified  programs,  so let us know if you spot any errors!