The last 30 years have seen the growth of a community of practice in rural health professions education that crosses specialty and other professional boundaries to share best practices, provide mutual encouragement and conduct collaborative research. This community extends beyond educators and administrators of these education training programs to include other stakeholders – individuals and organization engaged in research, policy, economic and community development, and social justice, as well as members of rural communities themselves. The RTT Collaborative is committed to a community engaged approach to program development, implementation and sustainability and we’d love to have you join us.

What is an RTT?

Although “RTT” originally referred to a specifically defined and accredited “1-2 Rural Training Track” in Family Medicine, it has also been used less specifically to mean a rural track in either medical school (often referred to as a “Rural Track”) or even residencies in other specialties. In addition, many rural residencies train health professionals other than physicians. Therefore, for the present, we’ve chosen to simply use the acronym as our general moniker for health professions education and training in rural places. Going forward, ‘Integrated RTT’ is the proposed nomenclature for rurally located medical residency programs that are a substantially integrated track with a larger, usually urban program.

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