My rotation with the Dixon Rural Training Track took place at the Katherine Shaw Bethea (KSB) Hospital and the nearby family medicine clinic. It was a great experience for me as I learned plenty about clinical medicine. From the always helpful staff to the friendly patients, the environment was both fun and engaging to work in.

The rotation overall was very hands-on and busy. From the morning reports to shadowing each doctor, I was challenged and encouraged to learn about diagnosing and managing patients. Throughout the rotation, I got to meet different doctors and see them interact with patients in their own unique way, which exposed me to various styles of doctor-patient relationships. Everyone in Dixon was very hospitable, and I felt very comfortable working there.

The residents took me under their wing, despite their hectic schedules, and showed me different cases for my educational benefit. I got to see and learn a lot from cases that previously were only known to me as a paragraph from a medical textbook. Even the doctors took time to explain to me certain concepts. Furthermore, beyond medical information, they also gave me insight on the life of a doctor and the challenges it presents. The program coordinator, Ms. Melanie Rick, provided me with all the amenities and resources to learn as much as possible from the rotation. I was very appreciative of the time they took to help me learn and grow as an aspiring medical student.

Dixon is a small but charming town with a great homely atmosphere with all the needed services available a few steps away. However, I never really needed to go anywhere (except maybe for a haircut) because everything was provided by the hospital. From providing food and living arrangements, the rotation was set up to help students acquire as much medical experience as possible.

Overall, I really enjoyed the rotation, and it definitely encouraged me to look into rural track programs as a future. I appreciate everything KSB Hospital did, and it was a very enjoyable rotation.