Developing Rural Residency Program – Grass Valley, CA

The Sierra Nevada Memorial Hospital Family Medicine Residency Program (SNMH FMRP) will have residents complete their intern year at Methodist Hospital and Mercy Family Medicinal Clinic in Sacramento.  In PGY2 and PGY3, residents will train at the rural site, Grass Valley, at the hospital with their continuity clinic at Chapa-De Indian Health Clinic with local sub-specialties.

Unique Features

Our program has the benefit of exposing residents to a very ethnically and culturally diverse faculty and patient population during their intern year at Methodist Hospital, our urban site in Sacramento, CA.  Our patient population supplies an abundance of pediatrics, woman’s health, geriatrics, psychiatric and inpatient medicine opportunities.  In PGY2 and PGY3 years, the program focuses on rural health experiences where they will also benefit from training in a FQHC-look-a-like clinic (Chapa De Indian Health Clinic).  We are truly unopposed, inpatient-heavy program, believing that expertise in critically ill patients give our outpatient providers the training to practice at the full spectrum of their license.  This is particularly helpful in rural settings where access to subspecialists is often limited.

Our beautiful geographic location maximizes residents’ free time, with world class hiking, climbing, mountain biking, skiing and fishing in our backyard.  We are less than an hour from Lake Tahoe, with a wild and scenic river, the Yuba River, 15 minutes from our hospital and clinic.

Additional Information