Rural Track Program – Pierre, SD

Brief Description

Our goal at Pierre Rural Family Medicine Residency is to train competent, compassionate family physicians that are prepared to serve and lead in our rural communities.

Unique Features

Residents in our program practice medicine hundreds of miles away from big referral centers, with the nearest non-critical access hospital more than 150 miles distant. Our resident physicians become very comfortable and competent in providing high-quality medical care in a limited-resource setting. They also engage in the community and participate in their patients’ lives in ways that are less feasible in more anonymous, urban settings. These experiences prepare them to thrive in their future rural practices.

Additional Information

Rural training has many advantages, and if you have a pioneering spirit and plan to practice in a rural community, we invite you to join us! After your training, we are confident you will be well-positioned to provide full-spectrum care, effectively leveraging available resources.