Urban Program with a Rural Focus – Billings, MT

Montana Family Medicine Residency’s mission is to develop, empower, and educate the next generation of full spectrum Family Physicians who provide excellent care for Montana with an emphasis on vulnerable populations.  Live and work under the Big Sky-pure water, clean air, sunshine, no traffic, good schools, plus vibrant surroundings for families.

Unique Features

  • Montana’s first medical residency
  • Recipient of the 2017 Baldwin Award from the ACGME
  • Wilderness Medicine Track, Global Health Track, Public Health & Advocacy Track, and Sports Medicine Fellowship
  • Unified and supportive education environment
  • Evidence based medicine and embracing technology
  • Advocating for rural and underserved communities
  • Providing lifelong (cradle to grave) care to all, especially vulnerable, underserved, and complex patients
  • Compassionate and patient-centered care
  • Teamwork and communication throughout our consortium (RSH, SVHC, BC)

Additional Information

Billings is the largest city within a nearly 500 mile radius, it offers a thriving business community and is the medical hub for two-thirds of Montana and portions of bordering states.  Of Montana’s seven reservations, the Crow and Northern Cheyenne reservations are both close to Billings.  In Billings, the eastern edge of the Rocky Mountain meets the prairie.  Yellowstone Park, world-class trout streams, and ski resorts are within a short drive.  Bring your fly rod, bike, backpack, and skis.  You’ll find something to look forward to each season.

Better Off in Billings:  http://www.billingsworks.org/better-off-in-billings/

Billings Chamber of Commerce:  https://www.billingschamber.com/