Microresearch improves rural health professions education by engaging learners in scholarly activity. The program, founded and managed by Rural PREP for four years before transferring under RTTC, was inspired by the Africa MicroResearch organization, which focuses on sustainable community health research through training, mentoring and funding. 

Read about our microresearch approach in an article published in the Journal of Health Care for the Poor and Underserved.



RTTC awards up to $1,500 for research performed by a student, resident, or other trainee in collaboration with a qualified mentor at the same or another institution. Research must be relevant to:

  • Rural health care,
  • Rural population health, or
  • Rural health workforce education and training

Microresearch awardees have a mentor who guides the student throughout the research process. It also invites students to participate in quarterly Microresearch Learning Community tele-video meetings for student and faculty development.



Design Award: A project that is under development, with a plan to complete the study within 2 years. These projects will be included in all microresearch learning community activities in 2021-2022 but without funding. With mentoring to fully develop a compelling, feasible research idea and strong plan for execution, successful recipients of the Design Award will complete their research design and achieve IRB approval during 2021-2022 and, with a full implementation award application next year, will receive preference for funding in 2022-2023. 

Implementation Award: A fully-designed project with a plan to complete the project and expend all funds by June 20 of the academic year the award is made (an academic year runs from July through June) and that can realistically be disseminated within two years of notice of award. Applications for this award may be approved, but without funding, and awarded in the Design category. This project has a budget of up to $1,500 for allowable expenses with justification. 


Funding 2021-2022: 

For this pilot year under The RTT Collaborative, applications will only be accepted from its participating programs, and in the absence of federal grant funding, projects have been funded, and the next funding cycle will open in 2022. Projects are restricted in the following manner.

  • Ohio University – 2 awards 
  • University of Washington – 2 awards 
  • University of North Dakota – 2 awards 
  • The RTT Collaborative – 2 additional awards to learners from any participating program in the Collaborative; for a map and list of participating programs, click here. 

The next funding cycle will open in April 2022. Revisit this page then for more details.



Contact Sharon Casapulla (casapull@ohio.edu) for questions.