Teaching Health Neighborhood Graduate Professional Education (THN-GPE) is a new proposal for funding graduate training in rural and underserved urban communities and in a variety of specialties and disciplines. Its premise is that, “Funding community engaged health professions education in the place that needs the workforce and in the manner that graduates are expected to clinically practice will increase the rural and urban underserved workforce, mitigate health disparities in access to care, and promote health equity.”

Interprofessional education and training is not a new concept. But funding it in a way that aligns with the current system for graduate physician education (graduate medical education/GME) yet provides an alternative place-based approach is a new idea. To learn more, download Teaching-Health-Neighborhood-9.28.2022-with-Hyperlinks.pdf (215 KB pdf) , a summary of the concept with embedded hyperlnks to the emerging evidence for the effectiveness of a place-based approach in health professions education and training.

If you have questions or ideas for promoting this concept, please feel free to contact either of the authors, Dr. Randy Longenecker, Senior Advisor to The RTT Collaborative, and Dr. Bryan Hodge, Director of the MAHEC Center for Health Professional Education and Rural Health Initiatives, Asheville, NC.