In preparation for the AAFP National Conference and  the upcoming application/recruiting season, the RTT Collaborative Student Edition Newsletter is now available!

This newsletter also announces a Rural Residency Fest, presented by RTTC, on July 22. This Rural Residency Fest will give students resources and tips on finding a rural residency, some guidance on questions to ask a residency, and the opportunity to chat with residents, resident coordinators, and residency program directors. Be sure to check out page 3 in the newsletter for more information and a schedule of events.

Some newsletter highlights include: 

  • Information on how to apply to be our new student and resident board member.
  • Information and a schedule of events for Rural Residency Fest
  • Tips and Recommendations for National Conference
  • Advice on how to navigate RTTC’s lists for finding a rural program
  • Resources for Rural Residency in the time of COVID-19
  • Rural Resources for students via four prominent organizations

Check out the full newsletter here: RTTC-Student-Edition-2020.pdf (2801 downloads )