Stories of the River: From Source to Sea

A national meeting online, hosted by our participating rural program in Hood River

April 27-29, 2022

Annual Meeting Agenda (945 KB pdf)

Photo by Peter Marbach


Plenary and Powerpoint Presentations

Wednesday, April 27, 2022

Plenary #1: “From Source to Sea – Stories of Healing and Hope from The Big River”

Speaker – Peter Marbach, Photographer and Author (OR)

Thursday, April 28, 2022

Plenary #2: “A River Runs Through Us All”

Speaker – Tina Castañares MD, Family Physician (OR)
1A: Mentorship
Speakers – J Skariah, J Lewis, R Garvin (OR)
Resident-Mentoring-Garvin-Skariah-Lewis.pdf (389 KB pdf)
Lessons Learned
Speakers – D Smith, A Ware, D Reed, S Moore (CO)
Navigating-Rural-Rivers-Smith.pdf (2 MB pdf)
Rural Training Menu
Speakers – J Landeck, L Sanner, S Hannah, J White
Rural-Menu-Landeck.pdf (7 MB pdf)
1C: Tips and Tricks
Speakers – A Weidner (WA), J Waits (AL), R Epstein (WA)
Developing-Faculty-Weidner.pdf (6 MB pdf)
1D: Clinical Reasoning
Speakers – K Bergeson, A Gray
Clinical-Reasoning-Bergeson.pdf (826 KB pdf)
2A: Philanthropy
Speakers – J Haney, N Fike, S Hall, R Mayes
Philanthropy-Haney.pdf (398 KB pdf)
2B: Engaging the Community
Speakers – W Weeks (GA)
Developing-GME-Weeks.pdf (2 MB pdf)
2C: Rural PD Development
Speakers – D Bell (MT), M Mady (PA), A Flaim (HI), P Sandroni (ND)
Rural-PDU-Bell-Longenecker.pdf (736 KB pdf)

NIPDD-It-Takes-a-Village-Mady.pdf (15 MB pdf) NIPDD-Flaim.pdf (102 KB pdf) NIPDD-Sandroni.pdf (577 KB pdf)

Speakers – J Hollander-Rodriguez, R Garvin, K Nordling, D Swanson (OR)
EPAs-for-COMPADRE_Garvin.pdf (22 MB pdf)


Plenary #3: “Journey of the Salmon: Journey of the Salmon: Establishing Culture as Medicine through Indigenous Teaching and Practice within a Center for Native American Health at Washington State University” – Unrecorded Panel

Speaker – Naomi Bender, L Alvord, W James  (WA)


Rural Medical Educator Track

Establishing Culture as Medicine
Speakers – N Bender, L Alford, W James (WA)
Establishing-Culture-as-Medicine-Bender.pdf (5 MB pdf)

Final report: Collaborative research on medical school primary care output and impact of family physicians on rural maternity care

Speaker – M Deutchman (CO)
View Presentation here (2 MB pdf)

Hood River – Conference on the move (no downloads)

Friday, April 29, 2022

Plenary #4: “Abundance in Times of Drought: Training health professionals with scarce resources”

Speaker – Joyce Hollander-Rodriguez (OR)



Rural LIC
Speaker – M Meyers, J Porter, L Morris, M Todd (MO)
View Presentation here (5 MB pdf)
Integrated Residency
Speaker – L Morris, M Todd (MO)
Integrated-Residency-Morris.pdf (819 KB pdf)
4B: Medicare GME
Speaker – L Sanner (WI)
View the Presentation here (3 MB pdf)
4C: Rural Match
Speaker – D Patterson (WA), D Schmitz (ND), N Oster (ID)
Residency-match-Patterson.pdf (308 KB pdf)
4C: Rural OB Training
Speaker – D Evans, D Patterson (WA)
View the Presentation here (684 KB pdf)
The Case for a Combined Family Practice / General Surgery Residency: The Interaction and Collision of Training and Culture
Speaker – D Kermode (IA)
View the Presentation here (5 MB pdf)
Speaker – J Wells, D Kermode (IA)
View the Presentation here (14 MB pdf)
Residency Within a Practice
Speaker – E Steinbacher (NC)
View the Presentation here (9 MB pdf)
FQHCs as a Teaching Setting
Speaker – M Janasik (OR)
FQHCs-and-Teaching-Janasik.pdf (6 MB pdf)
Separate Accreditation
Speaker – R Longenecker (OH)
View the Presentation here (6 MB pdf)
5B: Consulting Wisely
Speaker – Rural Residency Consultant Learning Community
Consulting-Wisely.pdf (170 KB pdf)
RRPD Outcomes
Speaker – C Page (NC), E Hawes (NC), A Weidner (WA), F Chen (WA)
View the Presentation here (7 MB pdf)
Practice Based Research Networks
Speaker – K McKenna, L Ferrara (OR)
View the Presentation here (7 MB pdf)
Rural Surgery Initiatives
Speaker – A Kumar (WA)
Rural-Surgery-Kumar.pdf (21 MB pdf)
 Rural Surgery Tracks
Speaker – R Spencer, A O’Rourke (WI)
Rural-Surgery-Spencer-and-ORourke.pdf (5 MB pdf)