Explore Your Rural Options at This Year’s Fest!

Are you interested in exploring your options in preparing for rural practice? Are you interested in specialties other than family medicine?    Are you anxious about the upcoming residency application season?

If you can answer “Yes” to any of these questions – We have just the event!

An interactive map of all rurally located programs in the continental US and Hawaii

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Rural Residency Fest 2021 is now completed for this year and was a resounding success, with over 160 registrants. Hope to repeat next year!

One of 21 ‘thank-you’s’ in the Chat: “This was immensely helpful, thank you so much!”


Meeting Power Points

Please check back on this page in a few weeks to view a recording of the Rural Residency Fest.


For those students who will be attending AAFP National Conference, visit The RTT Collaborative at Booth #1146 for advice or referrals and help in making connections. Here is a download of Participating Programs from The RTT Collaborative, with their booth  numbers. Participating-Programs-at-AAFP-National-Conference-2021.pdf (105.49 KB pdf) Look for this emblem: