Developing Rural Program – Sedalia, MO

MU School of Medicine Rural Track Pipeline Program is working to implement a rural longitudinal integrated clerkship at three existing rural track training sites.  The first being in Sedalia, MO with Bothwell Regional Healthcare. A Longitudinal Integrated Clerkship (LINC) includes medical students in patient care over time, allowing enduring learning relationships to develop with patients and physician-teachers. Students will meet required core clinical competencies in multiple disciplines through interleaved, longitudinal experiences over the course of the clinical training year. In contrast to a block curriculum, students meet and follow their patients across multiple settings of care and different disciplines. The rural LINC will include a variety of educational methods over the course of the academic year.  Students will participate in the care of children and adults in the outpatient clinic, hospital, operating room, emergency department, and even at home. Students will participate in the care of unique/high-risk and diverse patient populations. Students will be exposed to rural medicine and the unique challenges and benefits of providing care for these populations. Students will experience the breadth and scope of practice of the core clerkship specialties through the provision of care for continuity patients and immersion in team-based care in a variety of healthcare settings.