Developing Rural Program- Pullman, WA

Currently seeking ACGME accreditation, anticipate having first residents begin in Spokane WA. Eight residents will match to Spokane and spend R1 year in urban setting.  R2/R3 years spent in rural Pullman WA where Washington State University is located.  Curriculum designed to emphasize full-spectrum FM including OB, procedural training and ambulatory care.

Unique Features

Spokane is the home of the Nation’s first RTT and the Pullman Rural Training Pathway will build upon 30 years of experience. Spokane-based GME includes FM, IM, Psychiatry, Pediatrics and Sports Medicine all of which play an important part of the R1 year and elective opportunities in the R2/R3 years. Pullman is home to Washington State University (WSU) and the University of Idaho (UI) is 10 minutes drive which will provide educational and employment opportunities for family members. The Pullman faculty include family physicians who do OB including C-sections, woman’s health, ambulatory procedures, sports medicine to D-1 athletes and primary care to a large rural population.  Post residency fellowships in sports medicine and obstetrics are opportunities that await you. The program will be affiliated with both the University of Washington and the WSU College of Medicine.

Additional Information

Spokane and Pullman are “close to nature, close to perfect.  If you enjoy hiking, camping, fishing, skiing, cycling, running and other sports activities they are all just out your front door. WSU and the UI provide education opportunities for family.  Housing is abundant and the cost of living is among the lowest in the Country. Expenses associated with moving from Spokane to Pullman are paid for by the residency program.